First the Cygnet, Now the Scion iQ to Get the Axe?

And we're sure you're going to cry all day about it.

Nobody we know was sad when Aston Martin announced a few weeks ago that it’ll soon end production of its ridiculously overpriced Cygnet city car. At the time, the reason for its demise was its low sales numbers, but that wasn’t entirely the whole story. A new report has surfaced claiming that AM was forced to drop the Cygnet because Toyota/Scion will officially end iQ production as well. The Cygnet, as most already know, is based on the iQ.

AM chief Ulrich Bez stated that "We stopped the Cygnet as Toyota itself will stop the iQ in 2014 and we don’t want to invest anymore." Bez stated he wanted to bring the Cygnet to the US as well as giving it a supercharg3ed engine, but he simply couldn’t make either happen. Funnily enough, Toyota/Scion has yet to comment regarding the iQ’s future, but a Dutch publication is also claiming the country’s Toyota importer will stop selling the city car in 2014. So it appears that all of the signs are clearly indicating that death is near for the iQ. We doubt very few will miss it.

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