First US Bugatti Chiron Already On The Auction Block

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Don't get too mad at the owner, they're helping a new generation of car collectors get a start.

There's a major issue with the classic car bidding wars: the fact that well-heeled participants who fuel the ever-soaring prices for collector cars are graying by the day. While cars like the 1959 Ferrari 250 GT are expected to fetch $14 million due to the combination of rarity and an audience that was around when it first came out to experience its magic, auction companies like RM Sotheby's are having trouble attracting a younger demographic. The solution? According to Bloomberg, that all lies in adding appeal to the auction using the latest generation of hypercars.

As it becomes maddeningly obvious when all your high school's cool kids got equally cool cars to match, life isn't always fair and somewhere there's some kid with more money to blow in a week than you have in your retirement account (you've got one of those, right?). Hipsters notwithstanding, that crowd isn't likely to opt for the collectors cars from the 50s, 60s, or onward. They grew up with cars like the Pagani Zonda or Lamborghini Diablo on their bedroom walls, so Porsche 959s and Lamborghini Miuras don't do as much for them as, say, a Pagani Huayra or the first Bugatti Chiron to be ordered on American soil. These cars are of course among the rarest on the road and are already collectors items due to their mind-blowing prices and rarity.

This big bonus, according to chief marketing officer of RM Sotheby's Ian Kelleher, is that they come with iPhone connections as standard. "The modern supercars and hypercars appeal to a younger demographic," says Kelleher. "They appeal to an audience who has an appreciation for modern technology." Not only that but the ease with which a driver can operate these high performance cars is better suited for a generation raised with ABS brakes and traction control. If RM Sotheby's is successful in its pursuit, it may inspire a generation of wealthy individuals to take up car collecting as a hobby and keep the art going. Hopefully this time the Bugatti will be purchased by someone who will actually drive it.

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