First Videos Of The New Ford Focus RS, And It's With Ken Block Behind The Wheel

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Because it would be downright stupid to roll out an insane AWD Focus any other way.

If you're a carmaker that has a good relationship with Ken Block, and then you decide to bring out a 320-horsepower, all-wheel-drive version of one of your hatchbacks, the only obvious choice is to have Mr. Block take it out and thrash it around the inside of the factory where the beast is built. So it should come as no surprise that that is what Ford in fact did, at an event in Cologne, Germany. And we've got both the official video and a behind the scenes one.

It's fantastic to see a bone stock car that can perform on the level that Ken Block is used to in his rally car, even it that is a different model.

And here is the behind the scenes footage, brought to us by our friends at Supercars of London.

If you prefer the corporate version, here is the official Focus RS debut from Cologne, Germany.

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