First Walkaround Video of 2015 Mercedes GLE Coupe: Better Looking Than BMW X6?

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Or is that like trying to decide between eating a poo pie and a vomit sandwich?

Is it a better looking car than the BMW X6? That's the question everyone will be considering when Mercedes-Benz unveils the GLE Coupe at the 2015 Detroit Motor Show next month. To give you a head start, check out this walkaround video courtesy of walkoART where a stock GLE with the AMG exterior pack appears to be the subject of the production. The X6's design is about as divisive as a car design gets, and doubtless feelings will be similar in regards to the GLE Coupe.

The rear lights borrowed from the S-Class Coupe won't be to everyone's liking, but like all good Mercs the pleasure is in the driving. And until the next-gen ML turns up, the GLE Coupe will be the most dynamic Benz SUV on the market. Want one?

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