First World Problem: Porsche Recalling 918 Spyder

Smallest recall ever?

It doesn’t matter how much you spend on a car, there's no guarantee it will be immune from safety campaigns. Even the most sophisticated cars on the road can have their problems, and it appears the Porsche 918 Spyder is one of them. The NHTSA has revealed Porsche needs to recall, and possibly repair, five 918 models in the US as it fears the rear axle control arms may break, causing a loss of control while driving. The problem was first noticed on June 26, when the parts failed during testing at the Nardo test track in Italy.

After transporting the affected components to the carmaker’s lab for further inspection, Porsche issued a stop-sale on July 18 to inspect the supercar’s suspension parts. Owners were also contacted by phone, warning them not to use the car on the track. In addition to the five US cars, there were an additional 45 affected worldwide, which have all now been checked.

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