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Fisker Emotion Could Be Delayed To Improve Battery Technology

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Fisker’s revolutionary electric sedan may not meet its 2020 production target.

Henrik Fisker's first attempt to break into the auto industry with the Fisker Karma EV was a colossal failure that ultimately led to the company filing for bankruptcy. But now Fisker is fighting back with the EMotion, an electric sedan that could revolutionize the EV industry with a longer range and faster recharging times than current EVs on the market. There's a lot riding on Fisker's "breakthrough" flexible solid-state battery technology living up to these bold claims, particularly as the EMotion was slated to enter production in 2020.

However, in an interview with Inside EVs the car designer said the EMotion could be delayed to give Fisker more time to perfect its flexible solid-state battery technology. "We have at least 20 more months to go [of engineering the production version], and we may delay the launch to incorporate our solid-state batteries from the start," he said. Despite the possible delay, Fisker is confident its flexible solid-state batteries will be a technological breakthrough for the EV industry. "Our scientists had some major breakthroughs and we are now much more confident in the technology."

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"There are still a lot of hurdles that need to be solved – it's not an easy task to bring this new technology to mass market. But, we are working hard at it and plan to have in-vehicle test already next year." Other more established automakers like Toyota are also developing solid-state batteries, but according to Fisker its cells could be so efficient they may not need any kind of active cooling. "Our solid-state batteries need less cooling than traditional lithium-ion batteries. We are currently testing our solid-state batteries and are looking into seeing if we actually need active cooling, which would reduce the cost of the battery back," he said.

With this technology, Fisker claims the EMotion will deliver a range of over 400 miles. Fisker also confirmed the EMotion will come with autonomous technology at launch but couldn't specify how advanced it will be. The production version will also retain the prototype's sleek design including the front butterfly doors, but the rear doors that open backwards and up haven't been confirmed for production yet.