Fisker Finalizes Plans To Build EVs In America

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Expect affordable EVs to be revealed soon.

Fisker hasn't really been the most successful EV manufacturer ever. The man behind the brand, Henrik Fisker, has had many failures in this endeavor, including recently having to admit defeat over solid-state batteries. But despite many adversities, the man and his company have shown us the Fisker Ocean, which is promised to feature advanced autonomous tech. Fisker has also partnered with Foxconn for its next car, and it's this partnership, called Project PEAR, that we're bringing you news of today. The two firms have signed framework agreements for that new car, with manufacturing to start here in the US from the fourth quarter of 2023 - and there's good news for semiconductors and chipsets too.


Project PEAR (Personal Electric Automotive Revolution) is touted as a "breakthrough new segment vehicle" that will be sold in North America, Europe, China, and India. With the newly signed agreements, both companies will invest and take proceeds from the potential success of the program. A new lightweight platform called FP28 will be developed too.

Henrik Fisker, speaking as chairman and CEO, had this to say: "Our partnership with Foxconn and the creation of Project PEAR has taken shape with remarkable speed and clarity of vision. In order to deliver on our promise of product breakthroughs from Project PEAR, we needed to rethink every aspect of product development, sourcing, and manufacturing. Our partnership with Foxconn enables us to deliver those industry firsts at a price point that truly opens up electric mobility to the mass market."

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Foxconn's chairman, Young-way Liu, elaborated on how the two companies are dealing with the chipset and semiconductor crisis: "Our work with Fisker aligns with our corporate 3+3 platform, and thanks to our MIH Alliance, Foxconn will be able to work with suppliers from across the world for Project PEAR. We have world-class supply chains in place to support Project PEAR - in particular, securing the reliable delivery of chipsets and semiconductors."

Production of the Ocean will begin in Europe in Q4 of 2022, with a "production-intent prototype" to be shown at the LA Auto Show later this year. Let's hope it lives up to the hype.

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