Fisker Has A Genius Plan To Dominate Tesla

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The automaker plans to bring a total of four new EVs to market by 2025, and not one of them will be a Model S rival.

Fisker, the namesake company of enigmatic auto designer Henrik Fisker, will release its first EV later this year and is on track to expand to a four-vehicle lineup by 2025, according to Autocar. The automaker says a new compact EV named Pear will hit the streets in 2023 and notes that all four of its new EVs will be unveiled by 2025. If successful, the plan could turn Fisker into a legitimate Tesla competitor, rather than an exciting flash in the pan.

The Fisker Ocean, the brand's first EV, is set for release late in 2022 and has received tens of thousands of reservations to date. The Ocean will become the brand's flagship, with two others to follow after the Pear, including a sports car in the vein of classic British icons and a model whose form is still under development.

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Of the upcoming models, company founder Henrik Fisker told Autocar that the Pear's immediate successor will be "a redefinition of a luxury sports car of the future." The car is under development at Fisker Magic Works, the company's UK engineering complex. Fisker describes the EV as a "proper British sports car," but plans for the fourth model are less defined.

"We have many options, because there are so many EV segments that still have no entries," he said. "If you're looking for a Porsche Boxster-type car, or a minivan, you have very few options." Fisker doesn't feel pressured to be in a hurry with the last planned model and says there's plenty of time to decide on its form. We've seen teasers of a Fisker pickup truck, so it's more than a little likely that the company comes out of left field with an unexpected design.

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To reach its volume goals for the Pear, Fisker is partnering with tech manufacturing giant Foxconn for production. The Taiwanese company, best known for making iPhones and Apple products, owns and manages the former General Motors Lordstown facility in Ohio, where the Pear will be built. Fisker aims to sell the car globally and believes it could be a valuable stepping stone en route to a million cars a year for the brand, though its initial target for the Pear is just 250,000 units. It's also worth noting that the Lordstown plant currently only has capacity for around half that.

Despite its enthusiasm, Fisker's got a steep hill to climb before competing against EV giant Tesla and the boatload of legacy automakers who are dead set on conquering the EV world. Henrik Fisker's first attempt at building a new auto brand didn't go so well, so all eyes will be on his new company's first steps toward production. Tesla delivered nearly a million vehicles in 2021, so Fisker has its work cut out.

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Source Credits: Autocar

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