Fisker Is Back With A New Name: Will It Have The Same Old Problems?

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We hope the whole death by fire thing has been fixed.

You may remember Fisker automotive and its luxury sports car, the Karma. It made a splash because of its unique design and for its celebrity owners, including Justin Bieber. After going out of business and being bought out by Chinese chassis manufacturing company Wanxiang Group, Fisker is back in the news. The company is back with a new name, borrowing the name of the only car it ever brought to market. Karma must be hoping it'll have better luck than FiIsker ever did.

Karma Automotive CEO Jim Taylor, who has the title of Cadillac general manager under his belt, said that the brand's new name is "relevant to both the old and new brands, while providing an aspirational message which embodies the company's purpose." Karma Automotive is hoping to bring back a Karma-like car under the name of "Elux Karma" as well as two other concepts, the Surf Wagon and the Atlantic Sports Sedan. Old Fisker Karmas were subject to many problems and even a few fiery deaths, but the engineering heads at Wanxiang Group will likely be able to sort these problems out. Release dates are still up in the air, but the EV should be priced competitively with the current offerings from Tesla.

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