Fisker Is Building The Pope A New Ride

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In fact, it couldn't be further from a Ferrari or a Lamborghini.

Pope Francis will soon be traveling in style - and in silence, too. Not only will the Fisker Ocean be one of the most stylish electric SUVs when it goes into production in November 2022, but a special version of the Ocean will also serve as the transportation for the Pope. A private meeting between Fisker co-founder Henrik Fisker and the Holy See took place at the Vatican recently where it was decided the Ocean will be the first all-electric papal transport yet. And what a change it is from the Pope's fire-breathing Lamborghini Huracan. A vision for this custom Ocean model was presented to a private audience at Vatican City.


"I got inspired reading that Pope Francis is very considerate about the environment and the impact of climate change for future generations," said Henrik Fisker. "The interior of the Fisker Ocean papal transport will contain a variety of sustainable materials, including carpets made from recycled plastic bottles from the ocean."

A rounded all-glass dome called a cupola will form part of the Pope's custom Ocean's roof. From here, the Pope will have enhanced visibility and a place from which to greet the faithful. It's certainly a fashionable and less ostentatious choice of ride than, say, what the Queen would typically be seen in.


As for the rest of us, the Ocean is shaping up to be an interesting alternative to the Tesla Model Y. It will start at just $37,499 in North America excluding incentives and will offer all-wheel drive and an impressive range of up to 350 miles. However, this may not be enough to match the Model Y by the time the Ocean gets here. Currently, there are over 16,000 reservation holders for the Ocean.

It will be an exceptionally advanced EV with impressive autonomous tech that utilizes a system of high-resolution cameras and sensors. Then again, it will need to be good in this area to match or surpass Tesla's Autopilot. Plus, you'll also be driving the same car as the Pope, which is a good or a bad thing depending on your perspective.

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