Fisker Karma by Ultimate Auto

An understated aftermarket program transforms the luxury EV into a more attractive proposition.

Fisker hasbeen in the news for all the wrong reasons of late. Funding disputes with thegovernment, recalls for the Karma, hundreds of models lost in Hurricane Sandyand the cancelation of its second model, the Atlantic. On top of that thecompany’s founder, Henrik Fisker, quit last month after disagreeing withmanagement about how the business was being run. So it makes for a pleasantchange to see the Karma in better light, with a rare makeover for the electriccar coming from Orlando-based tuner Ultimate Auto.

The standout feature on the aftermarket program is a set of awesome 24-inch Forgiato alloys, while other modest touches made to the Karma include a 3M matte & brushed stripe, Llumar Ceramic tint, smoked lights, and matching painted trim.

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