Fisker Karma Gathering is World's Biggest Fire Hazard

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Fisker's headquarters in Anaheim played host to a huge gathering of Karmas.

Fisker Automotive is celebrating the delivery of the first 100 units of its extended-range luxury electric car with a huge convoy at its headquarters in Anaheim, California. Given the nasty habit the Karma has of bursting into flames, we're just glad that this many Fiskers in one place didn't start a forest fire. We're kidding of course, as the luxury hybrids appeared to have brought good Karma along for the day.

The event began in Irvine at a Fisker showroom before 28 Karmas drove caravan-style up the scenic Pacific Coast Highway to the automaker's design studios. "This is the first formal Fisker owner event and we hope to have many more," said Henrik Fisker. The Fisker Karma is a plug-in hybrid which packs a 2.0-liter turbo four and a Q-Drive electric motor for a combined output of 403 horsepower and 959 pound-feet of torque. It can reach an electronically-limited top speed of 125 mph and return an impressive 100 mpg.

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