Fisker Karma SUV/Shooting Brake Variant for Frankfut

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Fisker is working on a new SUV/Hybrid for Frankfurt and a new convertible for 2013.

As Fisker continues to deliver its hybrid Karma sports car, word has made it out of the Californian green-car manufacturer that a new variant will make its way to next month's Frankfurt Motor Show. The extended-range hybrid Karma will be getting some company in the Fisker range in the form of an SUV or shooting brake trim. Some in the industry have speculated that a production version of Fisker's Sunset concept could be in the works.

The new model will probably just use the Karma platform and be some sort of crossover. Fisker is also developing a new transmission to replace the single-speed gearbox found on the current Karma. A two-speed design will work on an all-wheel-drive platform and improve fuel economy while allowing the hybrid sports car to run even faster. A Karma variant for the future will include a convertible. Fisker also plans to build their small sedan Project Ninja plug-in hybrid at the former GM plant in Delaware.

The new SUV/shooting brake model is expected to go on sale in 2012. The hardtop Karma S convertible will launch in 2013.The 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show will take place in September.

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