Fisker Karma the "New DeLorean"?

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The once-promising Fisker Karma is quickly losing value on the used car market but could one day become a prized collector's car.

Only a year ago, a second-hand Fisker Karma could be bought for $103,000, give or take a couple of grand. That's quite a steep price to pay for a second-hand car despite it being both a luxury grand tourer and an example of range-extending technology. Today, however, NBC News has learned that it's hard to sell a Karma for anything much above $50k. For example, a dealer in Chicago recently put a Karma up on eBay but the top bid came in at just $45,100. The listing was pulled because the reserve price hadn't been met.

There are apparently dozens of cases like this today. We're all familiar with the countless troubles Fisker has been going through for nearly a year and the once promising automaker is now on the brink of bankruptcy. 30 years ago, the DeLorean Motor Company was another start-up automaker which also hoped to change the industry, but it too crashed and burned before it ever got the chance. So is the Fisker Karma set to become a future classic in the same mold as the DeLorean? Only about 2,500 Karmas were built and many have been plagued by reliability issues and some have even caught on fire.

Around 9,200 DeLoreans were built before its own factory was shuttered and those remaining cars are now sought after collectibles. So will the Karma one day join the ranks of collectible, yet failed classics? Check back in about 20-30 years.

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