Fisker Managed To Fix EV Range Problem Other Automakers Continue To Struggle With

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Fitting 22-inch wheels barely makes a difference to the claimed range figure.

Larger diameter wheels may look better, but specifying them on an electric vehicle often negatively impacts the all-important electric range. But with the new Ocean Extreme, Fisker has minimized those losses, meaning buyers can choose aesthetically pleasing wheels without sacrificing too much range.

The automaker announced today that its battery-powered SUV managed to achieve a combined WLTP range of 436 miles when fitted with 22-inch wheels. That's a marginal decrease, as the 20-inch wheels afford just four extra miles of range on the same cycle. It's worth noting that Fisker estimates the Ocean Extreme will achieve a 350-mile range on the EPA test cycle.

"These WLTP range results for the 20- and 22-inch wheels and tires are another example of the Fisker Ocean leading with design, innovation, and sustainability," said CEO Henrik Fisker."

2023 Fisker Ocean Rear Angle View Fisker

This means that US-based customers can choose the larger wheels without worrying about the vehicle's battery range capabilities. Fisker says the minimal impact on the range results from the "sophisticated engineering of the battery, motors, brakes, and tires."

The Ocean also boasts an aerodynamic wheel arch lining design and various underbody elements that help the SUV cut through the air cleanly. Similarly sized electric rivals can't hope to match the Ocean's negligible range losses when equipped with larger wheels.

Take the Model Y, for example. With 19-inch Gemini wheels, the Tesla crossover has a maximum EPA-rated range of 330 miles. Opting for the larger (and more attractive) 20-inch Induction wheels brings the range figure down to 318 miles. And it's not just Tesla - other manufacturers also suffer from a similar issue.

2023 Fisker Ocean Front View Fisker

With a maximum EPA-estimated range of just 220 miles, the recently launched Lexus RZ already falls short of its rivals in the range race. If you choose to fit the larger 20-inch wheels, you lose a whopping 24 miles of range, reducing the paltry range to just 196 miles - nearly half of what Fisker is offering.

Hopefully, other manufacturers are paying attention and will study the Ocean's design to come up with a solution to this problem. When purchasing an electric vehicle, the range is a crucial factor that owners look at, but customers shouldn't have to sacrifice style in the pursuit of efficiency. With the Ocean, Fisker is showing them they don't have to.

Priced at $68,999, the Ocean Extreme is out of reach for most Americans. Hopefully, these design and engineering tricks will make their way to the more compact Pear, a sub-$30,000 compact EV that will reportedly have a range in excess of 300 miles.


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2023 Fisker Ocean Front View
2023 Fisker Ocean Rear Angle View

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