Fisker Ocean Electric SUV Begins Production In Austria

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Fisker claims this is the most sustainable vehicle in the world.

We've lost count of the number of cars that have been delayed over the last two years. Fisker is happy to report that the Ocean SUV isn't one of them. Today, the brand began production with its partner Magna in Graz, Austria. However, the brand has also said some cars will ship without certain safety features.

Fisker says development took just over two years. "It's an emotional day as we start production of the world's most sustainable vehicle in record time - on time - in the carbon-neutral factory in Graz," Fisker Chairman and CEO Henrik Fisker said. The brand also claims the Ocean will be the most sustainably produced vehicle in the world.

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Fisker also stressed the efficiency of the company's development time. "We've challenged the old model of longer development timelines, reflecting our team's agility and dedication to creating emotionally desirable vehicles with the newest, most unique experiences in our price range," he continued.

Fisker says it has "more than" 63,000 reservations for the Ocean, with a projected 80,000 orders on the books before the end of this year. The brand says this strong level of demand is pushing it to consider producing more than it had originally planned.

Fisker Fisker Fisker Fisker

Two of the Ocean's trim levels have already been sold out, and the brand plans to ramp production to 42,000 units by 2023. It says Ocean production will rise from 300 units in Q1 to more than 8,000 in Q2 2023.

Fisker claims that the manufacturing process for the Ocean is very green, and says that "more than 50 kilos [110 pounds] of recycled, biodegradable and overall eco-conscious materials reflect its commitment to sustainability."

The brand's top-tier Ocean model, the Extreme trim level, will do a claimed 350 miles on a single charge with a dual-motor AWD setup, feature a 17-inch rotating infotainment screen, and offer "the world's first digital radar." Pricing for the Ocean Extreme starts at $68,999 US. Looking even further ahead to 2024, Fisker plans to launch the Pear EV, a more affordable model with a 310-mile range that will reportedly begin at around $29,000 before any government rebates.

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