Fisker Ocean Force E Announced As 550-HP Electric Off-Roader With 33-Inch Tires

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The rugged off-road package can be retrofitted to any AWD Fisker Ocean model.

Fisker has revealed a new special version of the Ocean SUV called the Force E - not to be confused with the Nissan Ariya e-4ORCE - which turns the electric crossover into a crazy overlander with massive 33-inch all-terrain tires, 20-inch reinforced wheels, massive ground clearance, and an estimated 550 horsepower.

The new suspension system includes specialized dampers and a substantial lift, but just what hardware has been used remains a secret. Today's announcement is more of a preview than a full reveal. However, we know a full-length titanium underbody plate will protect the battery pack, and structurally mounted front and rear skid plates will add extra protection.


"This vehicle is going to be a beast," Chairman and CEO Henrik Fisker said. "We have pulled out all the stops on this one. I think it's exciting to enter the segment. And for those who love to go offroad and enjoy nature, what better way than with zero emissions?"

The Fisker Ocean Force E has further customizability with an optional lightweight roof basket, while an interior package will equip the Force E with rubber floor coverings, extra grab handles, and tie-downs to secure your stuff when you're crawling over rocks.


There's no word yet on how much it will cost, but deliveries will begin later this year in the fourth quarter. If you've already had an Ocean delivered or are expecting one soon, there's even more good news. According to Fisker, the Force E package can be retrofitted to any all-wheel-drive Fisker Ocean Extreme or Fisker Ocean Ultra model, meaning you don't have to cancel an order on an existing car to get the Force E at a later date. That's good news, as the first Oceans have already been delivered earlier this month.

Development is still underway of the new model at Fisker's Magic Works division in the UK, with SVP of Engineering David King overseeing its development. King is uniquely qualified for the project as he has a history of rally racing in the 1980s and 1990s.

We expect further details to be made available in the near future and expect the Force E to be added to Fisker's crazy cool configurator soon.


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