Fisker Ocean Shatters Range Estimates With Incredible 439-Mile Claim

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This was achieved on the WLTP test cycle.

Fisker has revealed range estimates for the Extreme derivative of its long-awaited Ocean and claims its new EV boasts the best electric range of any battery-powered SUV sold in Europe. That's a big claim - almost as big as the claimed range figure of 440 miles.

WLTP calculations are somewhat optimistic when compared to the EPA evaluation. The European cycle often overestimates range figures by as much as 10%, while the EPA tends to be overly cautious and often understates an EV's range.


Still, even if the Ocean Extreme's official US range figure is lower than the claims made above, it might still be impressive. As a reminder, the Tesla Model Y Long Range can travel 331 miles based on WLTP calculations. In America, the same model has an EPA-rated range of 330 miles.

The Ocean's achievement is nothing short of impressive, especially when you consider it's not the most aerodynamic shape. Sure, sedans like the Lucid Air Dream can achieve 520 miles on a single charge, but it has a slippery body shape. It also costs around twice as much as the $68,999 Ocean Extreme.

2023 Fisker Ocean Forward View Fisker

According to Fisker's local website, the company aims to offer a range of up to 391 miles when the vehicle is equipped with the Hyper Range Battery. That's not quite as impressive as the European figures, but still high enough for many consumers to consider ordering an Ocean over a Tesla.

Initially, the automaker hoped the Hyper Range Battery would provide 350 miles between charges. A Touring Range Battery with a less impressive 250-mile range estimate will also be available.

Production of the Ocean kicked off in November last year. Some trim levels have already sold out, and Fisker hopes to build 42,000 units this year to meet demand. Soon, the Ocean will be joined by the more compact PEAR, an affordable electric vehicle with more than 300 miles of range and a price tag of less than $30,000.

2023 Fisker Ocean Central Console Fisker Inc./YouTube

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2023 Fisker Ocean Forward View
2023 Fisker Ocean Central Console

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