Fisker Ocean SUV Reservations Have Topped 30,000

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The company is expecting good returns from its premier electric crossover.

We are still waiting for an official release of the Fisker Ocean electric SUV but when this car does hit the streets we can expect it to be very popular and to give the Tesla Model Y a real run for its money. This is according to the figures that the company has revealed to us for its fourth quarter and fiscal year financial results for 2021. Based on this report, Fisker tells us that over 30,000 reservations have been placed for the anticipated electric SUV. That's way less than the crazy reservation numbers Tesla receives when it announced a new model, but considering that Fisker is still a much newer brand, it's not bad at all.

With production scheduled to begin later this year, the Fisker Ocean range will start at $37,499 MSRP before destination for the Sport model. This will be powered by a single motor attached to the front wheels with a range of 250 miles. The current flagships are the Extreme and limited One trims which will be priced at $68,999 MSRP. These will use a dual-motor drivetrain and have a range of 350 miles on a single charge.

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As of February 14, 2022, Fisker confirms that over 30,000 reservations have been made for the Ocean, net of cancellations. Included in this is an order of 1,600 fleet cars of which 200 units include a recent order from ServiceNow, a software company based in Santa Clara, California. This is a promising increase in interest for the product which had 18,600 reservations in November last year. Each reservation requires an initial payment of $250.

Fisker says that with this increase in interest, it notices a 400% uptake in the net daily retail reservation rate for 2022 year-to-date resulting in an annualized rate of 55,000 reservations. That's not bad considering the models are still a good few months away from rolling off the production line.

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As for the breakdown of orders, Fisker explains that the most popular trim in the range thus far has been the flagship Extreme and One with a 43% share. 19% consists of the base Sport while the midrange Ultra, priced at $49,999, holds the remaining 38%. Using this division, Fisker says that its initial average selling price is expected to be approximately $56,000 with an accumulated future gross revenue of $1.7 billion.

The Ocean will be followed by the brand's upcoming Pear crossover which is an abbreviation for Personal Electric Automotive Revolution. Reservations for this model have already begun even though the company hasn't revealed a lot of details. What it does confirm is that prices will start at $29,900 before taxes and incentives.


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