Fisker Ocean SUV Will Arrive With 350-Mile Range

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The electric SUV will soon be ready for American and European dealerships.

Fisker has revealed that it is close to entering production for the Ocean SUV and that it expects the new EV to achieve 350 miles (563 kilometers) of range on the Environmental Protection Agency test cycle. We were expecting as much as 360, so this is right on the money.

The automaker is confident in these figures because it has already performed its own range tests with a third-party laboratory and has recently achieved very impressive figures on Europe's WLTP cycle, managing a range of 439 miles (707 miles) on that less-stringent cycle. A five-star Euro NCAP certificate is also expected imminently.

Production began at the Magna Steyr facility in Austria late last year, and now the automakers awaiting full European regulatory approval, which should arrive by the end of April. Once that happens, deliveries on the continent can proceed.

As for the USA, we're not far behind.


Fisker has provided the EPA with its test data, recorded during a rolling road test, and now only requires the agency to provide an official Certificate of Conformity. In addition, it has recently completed all FMVSS testing needed for National Highway Transport Safety Administration self-certification.

Production for European models can now pick up and will reportedly do so on April 20, followed by customer deliveries, while models bound for our shores will have a separate ramp-up early in May. This is the byproduct of different crash standards for different countries, but why has the automaker been holding back since November? It's been waiting for approvals and didn't want to waste resources. As things stand, Fisker is "waiting for the agency [the EPA] to provide a firm date for the certification."

"This strategy ensures we can maintain a steady production ramp and have a sufficient quantity of vehicles ready for initial deliveries in Europe and the US while avoiding the cost of vehicle storage until approvals arrive," said CEO Henrik Fisker.

2023 Fisker Ocean Forward View Fisker

The CEO added: "Homologating simultaneously places an extra workload on our teams, but we are utilizing the benefits of an agile organization by opportunistically shifting our plans and delivering vehicles in Europe first. I appreciate the patience of our reservation holders and am excited to get vehicles in the hands of our customers."

The Fisker Ocean all-electric SUV, first unveiled in 2020, has attracted numerous reservations, and Fisker hopes to build on that goodwill with several other new products, including the Alaska electric pickup and the PEAR. While the late arrival of the Ocean may deter some buyers, its novel features - like a rotating infotainment display - may still attract others.

2023 Fisker Ocean View Out Back Fisker
2023 Fisker Ocean Open Trunk Lid Window Fisker

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2023 Fisker Ocean Forward View
2023 Fisker Ocean Open Trunk Lid Window
2023 Fisker Ocean View Out Back

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