Fisker Officially Reveals Atlantic Plug-In Hybrid Sports Sedan

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Set to be Fisker's first mass-produced vehicle, the Atlantic will match the Audi A5's price tag as well as its dimensions.

From the company that brought you the Karma hybrid comes a new exquisitely designed four-door sporting-sedan housing a second-gen EVer (Electric Vehicle with extended range) powertrain incorporating a 2.0-liter BMW turbo'd four-cylinder gasoline engine. Revealed at a special event on the eve of the New York Auto Show as a design prototype, the Atlantic will represent Fisker's maiden mainstream and mass produced car, which after green tax credits could cost as little as $40,000.


Fisker's latest luxury EV "is aimed at young families who want to drive an impactful, high-end vehicle while making a positive statement about responsibilities - both in terms of their commitment to sustainability and the practicalities of everyday life." As per the Karma sedan, the Atlantic is a plug-in hybrid that gives the driver the chance to switch manually or automatically between electric and gasoline and sustain the charge of the lithium-ion batters when on the move. The standard powertrain will be configured for RWD, while AWD will be offered as an option.

As for the styling of the Atlantic, Fisker say it does not do concepts so what we see here is almost exactly what the production model will look like. The design DNA of the Karma is evident in the exterior styling of the Atlantic, which has a more compact package with hidden rear door handles and a large glass roof.

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Its long wheelbase and substantial rear headroom belies the four-door sedan's sleek, coupe-like stance; Fisker claim the Atlantic's dimensions are close to that of an Audi A5. Notable design details include the evolution of the Karma's signature grille, the sharp 'eagle eye' headlights, and the ultra-slim LED tail lamps that split into two upon opening the truck. "We are exceptionally proud of the Atlantic design prototype, and believe we have created another groundbreaking car that looks and will drive like nothing else on the road in this class," said Henrik Fisker, co-founder, Executive Chairman, and Design Director of Fisker Automotive.

"Fisker Automotive is transitioning from a start-up automaker to a fully-fledged mainstream car manufacturer and the Atlantic is a crucial milestone in that process," said Tom LaSorda, CEO Fisker Automotive. "We have a long way to go, but in the near future Fisker intends to deliver this exceptional American-designed, engineered, and manufactured vehicle to showrooms worldwide." More details, including price and on-sale date, of the Fisker Atlantic will be revealed closer to the production car's launch.

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