Fisker PEAR Spotted Running Around Los Angeles

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It's the perfect car for EV-loving LA.

Now that the Fisker Ocean is in production, the American EV maker can afford to pay more attention to the upcoming PEAR, which was spotted in Los Angeles earlier this month.

In November, Fisker announced its financials and spoke about the Personal Electric Automotive Revolution (PEAR) project. It said the concept had been signed off and that the building of a driveable prototype was ahead of schedule. The car spotted in LA must be said prototype, which means the development of the planned $30,000 rival to the upcoming Chevrolet Equinox EV is well underway.

According to Fisker, it's also moving its engineering and purchasing teams over to the PEAR project, which will be an American venture, unlike its bigger brother. The Ocean is built in Austria.

Fiskerati/YouTube Henrik Fisker/Instagram

There's not a whole lot to see in the Fiskerati footage above. The teaser images were quite radical, and the test mule appears to be a more pragmatic version of said design. The slim headlights are still there, but from there to the rear is could be any number of generic SUVs. We like the big wheels and the sloping roofline, which gives it an attractive stubby stance.

We're more interested in the interior, its swiveling touchscreen interface, and new patent images discovered by members of the Fiskerati Forum. It shows a unique approach to what has become colloquially known as a frunk.

United States Patent and Trademark Office United States Patent and Trademark Office United States Patent and Trademark Office

Instead of the usual frunk, the Fisker appears equipped with a pull-out drawer. The patent filing doesn't mention size, but it seems relatively small compared to the hood. This leads us to believe there are other components under the hood Fisker doesn't want its customers to have access to. The Mercedes EQS also has a permanently shut hood for the same reason, but it's in the process of designing what might be the coolest frunk of all.

The PEAR will be built locally in Foxtron's Ohio plant, next to the Lordstown Endurance. Fisker has been working closely with Foxtron since the announcement was made more than a year ago.

The PEAR is scheduled to arrive in the USA in 2024.

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