Fisker Planning Hybrid SUVs and Yachts

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With his $100,00 hybrid luxury sedan already on the road, Henrik Fisker is dreaming of new projects.

Henrik Fisker is nothing if not ambitious. After designing sportscars for Aston Martin, BMW, Tesla and Artega, he set up his own coachbuilding operation rebodying Mercedes and BMW coupes, and then established his own electric carmaker. But that's not the end of the road for Fisker. With the Karma already reaching well-heeled and environmentally- (or at least image-) conscious customers around the world, Fisker has a slew of new models on the drawing table.

Based on the Karma, Fisker has presented the Sunset cabrio and Surf wagon concepts, and while we haven't heard anything about them since, development of the smaller Atlantic sedan is supposedly underway with half the Karma's $100,000 sticker price. Still not satisfied, Fisker recently indicated plans to build an SUV to target Tesla's upcoming Model X. And as Damon Lavrinc at Wired points out, Fisker is also talking about hybrid boats that would maneuver in port under electric power and at sea by diesel. Ignoring the fact that these systems already exist (they're called bow-thrusters), Henrik is certainly dreaming big. Like, megayacht big.

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