Fisker Project Ronin Teased As Four-Door, Four-Seat Convertible Electric Super-GT

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This is one good-looking EV.

While much of the talk surrounding Fisker lately has been of the Ocean SUV and the forthcoming PEAR, the brand has now added new imagery of a third model to its website in the form of the Fisker Project Ronin - a four-door, four-seat, electric convertible super GT. If that sounds like a strange combination of classifications, Fisker says it will be the world's first car to fit that description.

We already know that Project Ronin will be a potent performer. Fisker has previously claimed that it will be able to spring to 60 mph in around two seconds, thanks to three electric motors and an all-wheel-drive configuration. We're also told to expect a targeted EPA driving range of 600 miles.

But, for Fisker, the newcomer isn't just a halo car designed to impress. It's been created to illustrate the automaker's abilities. "Project Ronin will be a showcase for our internal engineering, powertrain, and software capabilities."


Aside from the Ford Bronco and Jeep Wrangler, we can't think of many four-door open-top vehicles. When it arrives in 2024, the Ronin is expected to be the only four-door convertible EV on the market and is said to have rear passenger space "comparable to a luxury sports sedan."

It's certainly a looker. The latest teaser, seen above, shows off the sleek lines in a rich red hue, further accentuated by the unique wheel design and futuristic front light bar. The "Ronin" nameplate can be seen in the center of the lighting setup. Those scissor doors will certainly turn a few heads but according to previous comments, it seems they're not there for show.

The unique doors are there to provide passengers with better ingress and egress into the cabin, which promises to be equal parts luxurious and sustainable. "The vegan interior ... plots a new, advanced design direction," said the company at the time.


It's quite a drastic departure for Fisker which, until this point, is best known for the Ocean SUV and the upcoming Pear, a compact SUV that will debut with a sub-$30,000 price tag. But, then again, every brand needs a halo car that draws the masses in.

Polestar, another electric-only automaker, should give Project Ronin a run for its money when it launches the equally striking Polestar 6. It may only have two doors, but the Swedish beauty also has room for four occupants and promises startling performance. The Polestar 6 will hit the scene in 2026 and should be priced in the same region as Project Ronin, expected to retail between $150,000 - $200,000 when it debuts in 2024.

By then, we should have a few more challengers on the block. Tesla may finally inch closer to launching the next-generation Roadster, and Maserati will have introduced an all-electric GranCabrio Folgore by then.

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