Fisker Promises a New Model After the Karma Returns

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We'll believe it when we see it.

Apparently we haven't heard the last from Fisker. Without going into too much detail, after declaring bankruptcy Fisker was bought by Chinese auto parts giant Wanxiang Corp. several months ago. Its new owners promised to get Karma production restarted as soon as possible. Not a single Karma plug-in hybrid has been built since 2012, but that's likely to change. In addition, Fisker's new owner is now promising that a smaller, less expensive model will also hit the market by 2017.

No exact details about this car have been made available, but it's fair to assume that reference is being made to the Atlantic, a car we only saw in concept form. It pretty much looks like a smaller Karma, and that's not a bad thing. However, the Karma itself still has about 250 "bugs" that need to be worked out first before production gets underway. Wanxiang seems to be proceeding very carefully so far, as it "wants to establish relationships with suppliers that extend beyond the life of the Karma." In other words, Wanxiang is very much looking at the big picture and the years ahead. It would also like to have Fisker production take place in the US, instead of Finland.

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