Fisker Reveals His New Car's Name And Its Tesla-Beating 161 MPH Top Speed

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More importantly, will it have a Ludicrous mode?

Henrik Fisker, who has chosen Los Angeles as the location to base his new car company, knows that in Hollywood you need to go the extra mile if you want your headline to stand out. That's why he has chosen to reveal his new Tesla fighter in pieces. For the past few weeks he unveiled new photos and dropped tiny bits of information so that nobody forgets about Fisker Inc. (his new company's name) for too long. In his latest reveal, Fisker (the man) gave us the name of his new EV and additional images and info.

Henrik Fisker

Previously, the only technical information we had on the car was that it would feature breakthrough batteries and have a strange reptilian-looking front end that's an obvious attempt on the part of the designer at jazzing up the grille-free car. The name bestowed on this new car is the EMotion, alluding to the cars' electric powertrain and design mantra. It just so happens that the electric powertrain will push the large luxury vehicle around for 400 miles before running out of juice, a number sure to decrease when flirting with the 161 mph top speed. As for the design, it appears that Fisker has taken some interesting new approaches to the accommodate aerodynamics, class leading interior space, and style.

A long wheelbase with short overhangs gave the designers plenty of interior room to work with, with additional space subsidized by the fact that the electric powertrain allows the interior compartment to be pushed forward into the space where an engine would usually sit. The rear also gets a spoiler and functional diffuser to keep the EMotion slippery as it cuts through the wind. Fisker recently announced that full autonomy will be an option for the EMotion, and buyers that opt for it will be happy to know that infotainment screens are accessible from every seat. Expect Fisker's future news dumps to include the name and information of the company it partners with for level 5 autonomy.

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