Fisker's "Close To $40,000" EV Is Coming Next Week

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So here's a blurry teaser image.

You may remember Fisker, the American company responsible for building the Karma, which was criticized for its high price and lack of reliability. The company's second attempt at a vehicle, an electric car called the EMotion, looks like a much better effort and a worthy Tesla rival. The EMotion is supposed to pair 780 horsepower worth of electric motors with a 400-mile range at a price of just over $100,000. Sadly, the car has been delayed due to issues developing the necessary battery technology. $100,000 isn't exactly affordable but company CEO Henrik Fisker took to Twitter to tease a much cheaper new model.


The tweet includes a blurry black and white picture of the new Fisker model with the caption "Announcing our 'close' to $40,000 pure electric vehicle with a teaser picture & some tech details on March 18." It's very hard to gain any insight from the teaser but this mystery new model is expected to be a small SUV meant to rival the upcoming Tesla Model Y. With a reveal date on the 18th, the Fisker will be announced just four days after the production Model Y, giving even more credence to this theory.

Little else is know about this new model, other than it is rumored to match the 400-mile range of the EMotion. This seems like an unlikely goal at a $40,000 price range, so perhaps only more expensive models will tout this impressive driving range. Fisker currently uses a 140-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack from LG Chem but plans to develop its own solid-state batteries with game-changing charge times and range. We also have no idea when the new Fisker will be made available for purchase after its reveal date. If the EMotion's production delays are any indication, this new model may not be close to production yet.


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