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Fisker Targets Jeep Wrangler With This New Feature

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It's not a convertible, but it should be close.

The Fisker Karma was an unmitigated failure but the company was able to salvage the original design. Karma is now its own company, building an updated version of the original car, while Henrik Fisker has gone on to start his own company once again bearing his name. Fisker's latest project is an electric SUV to rival the upcoming Tesla Model Y.

Thanks to teasers, we have agood idea of what this upcoming SUV will look like and as expected from the designer who penned the Aston Martin Vantage and BMW Z8, it looks great. But the Fisker SUV has more than just design going for it. The SUV will possess many unique features that may steal buyers away from the Model Y and possibly even the Jeep Wrangler.

Henrik Fisker released a teaser for his company's upcoming SUV on his personal Twitter account, showing just a single piece of switchgear. The teaser only shows a sunroof switch but this simple image tells a lot about the upcoming SUV. Along with the teaser, Fisker said, "California package! All open, without being a soft top; first on an SUV. 2021 all-electric Fisker SUV, starting under $40,000."

SUVs equipped with the 'California Package' will likely include some kind of retracting roof, much like the Jeep Wrangler. It won't be a sliding soft top, like the Wrangler, but it will be a hardtop that can retract to reveal a fair bit of sunlight. It isn't clear how much of the roof will retract, but Fisker's claim of the SUV being "all open" makes it seem like it could feel like a convertible inside.

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Fisker has claimed the SUV will arrive on the market in 2021 with a starting price under $40,000 and a driving range of around 300 miles. A solar panel roof has also been mentioned but it remains unclear if that feature will coexist with the California Package. Fisker will reveal the SUV in December 2019, so we only have a few months before all of these questions are answered.