Fisker Teases Electric Pickup With Features Never Before Seen On A Truck

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The Fisker Alaska is on its way.

During Fisker's earnings call covering Q4 of 2022, Henrik Fisker talked about, amongst other things, how the Alaska electric pickup truck is set to have features never seen before on pickup trucks.

He talked about the future vehicles scheduled to be showcased at Fisker's inaugural Investor Day event later this year, including the PEAR and Ronin.

"And then we will showcase our Alaska program," Henrik Fisker said, "Which is our take on a pickup truck. And we have some amazing features that have never been done on a pickup truck before. I'm super excited about showing that."


Precisely what those features are, Fisker didn't say. We know that the Alaska has been on the table since 2020. Fisker confirmed it had been developed alongside the Fisker Ocean crossover. The Ocean range produces between 275 to 540 horsepower depending on the drivetrain setup.

"There's another cool thing about this pickup truck," Fisker said. "And that is that we actually are able to use a lot of the Ocean components in that vehicle, which means we're going to be able to do it faster and more affordable. There are probably a lot of other electric pickup trucks out there. It's going to look really, really tough but still beautiful."


As the Alaska will be a derivative of the crossover, we speculate it will likely be an electric take on the less work-orientated and more lifestyle-oriented trucks like the Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz, but bigger. We Imagine something like a Honda Ridgeline, likely with more towing capacity due to the increased weight and availability of torque inherent in electric drivetrains.

Fisker isn't only looking to innovate with its truck, though. He promises a suite of new vehicles, "And they will all be in new segments, and we are still keeping our promise of always having at least four unique features in each vehicle."


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