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Fisker Trying To Build $40,000 Electric Vehicle

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Fisker thinks it can take on Tesla.

Henrik Fisker believes he can build an entry-level electric vehicle that will sell for around $40,000. The former BMW and Aston Martin designer said the proposed vehicle will eventually sit below the EMotion in the brand's hierarchy, along with Orbit, the self-driving city shuttle. Production has yet to begin on either Orbit or EMotion, but Fisker says progress is already being made, despite the small size of his company.

Speaking to Autocar, Fisker refuted suggestions three projects of vastly different natures are too ambitious of a project for his fledgling firm. "In the future, people are going to choose a mobility device that is the best [suited] for the trip they're doing that day. It could be an electric bike or your own car, somebody else's car or a shuttle. "I don't think the old ideal, where somebody says 'we're only going to make sports cars; that's our brand' is going to work in the future. People will have four or five mobility devices and, if they like your brand, you should be able to service them in all those areas," he said.

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At this stage, next to nothing is known about the proposed $40,000 model. Its siblings' Orbit and EMotion have been imagined with state-of-the-art solid-state batteries, but it's thought the entry-level model could feature traditional lithium-ion units in order to keep costs down. "There are going to be new car segments that nobody has thought about and some of the traditional companies are too slow to react. Some will lose their traditional customers who've been sitting on the fence and in the next two or three years will say: 'I'm going to try one of those new car companies because they seem like they know what they're doing, they're doing electric and they're cool'."