Fisker Unveils Car Hungry For Tesla And Porsche Mission E Blood

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For a car that doesn't need a grille it sure has a lot going on up front.

Henrik Fisker has mastered the art of the tease, usually something only exotic dancers do well. Within the past month, the famed automotive designer responsible for the Aston Martin DB9, the BMW Z8, and his own Fisker Karma, has revealed that he's starting a new automotive company, unveiled the first teaser image of its first all-electric vehicle, and just today, has posted the second image of his unnamed new creation to Twitter. We worked our magic to brighten up the dark image and give you a better look at the car.

All of this leaves the general automotive community waiting in anticipation at what will come next. Already we know that the new Fisker will feature revolutionary technology set to take on Tesla, and this image of the front end reveals how that will happen. The most notable aspect about the front end is that even with no grille (electric motors scoff at radiator crutches that internal combustion engines must lean on), there is a lot going on. Fisker said that the front was one of the most challenging aspects because the grille is usually a standout feature on cars. The air vents that are present are only there to bend the air more and lower the coefficient of drag on the car and the low front end only furthers this pursuit.

The kinked LED lights also give the car a futuristic presence, which is a bit of a breath of fresh air from the angry looking squinting headlights seen on many modern cars. The trapezoidal gap underneath the logo is the closest thing that the new Fisker has to a grille, but instead of letting in air, it serves to house a radar sensor up front. Though Fisker has said that it will shy away from autonomy, the radar could at least be used for adaptive cruise control or collision mitigation systems. Unfortunately, this image may be one of the last we'll see from Fisker since the automaker has said that they will reveal the full car during the second half of 2017. This still didn't stop Fisker from ending his tweet with a cryptic "more to come..."

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