Fisker Working On Radical New Design

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Whatever it is, Henrik Fisker is playing it close to the vest.

Famed vehicle designer and automotive entrepreneur Henrik Fisker has something new in the works, it seems, today sharing on his personal Twitter account that he has "just started designing [Fisker Inc.'s] next vehicle! It's going to be radical! Think PP!"

We should note: we have no earthly idea what "think PP" means. Twitter seemed equally confounded by the reference, throwing out possibilities ranging from "power performance" to "precision perfect," to "post processing." Someone weighed in with "Pikes Peak," and we quite like that one. Let's go with that.

Nor do we have any earthly idea what it is Fisker is cooking up, but with talent like his behind the project, we're sure it will be stunning.

Henrik Fisker/Twitter

Henrik Fisker's first foray into full-blown vehicle manufacturing came with the founding of Fisker Automotive in 2007, which managed to release a single car model - the hybrid Fisker Karma sedan - before declaring bankruptcy. Chinese auto parts conglomerate Wanxiang bought the ruins in 2014, while Henrik Fisker went on to start another car company bearing his name: Fisker Inc.

The new Fisker company has revealed two pure-electric concept vehicles so far: the stylish 400-mile Fisker EMotion sedan, and the mass-market 300-mile Fisker Ocean crossover. The latter model might be a welcome addition to the burgeoning class of affordable electric crossovers, which already includes entrants like the Tesla Model Y and Volkswagen ID.4.

Fisker Fisker Fisker Fisker

Where the EMotion has all but fallen off the map, the Ocean is still tentatively expected to go on sale next year, with a starting price below $40,000. Yet before that model has even entered production, Henrik Fisker appears to have a new mystery project in the works.

It's worth noting that Fisker's tweet was published along with a closeup photograph of what appears to be an EMotion headlamp, suggesting that the master designer is now penning something similarly sophisticated and attention-grabbing - or maybe a new, improved iteration of that same car. Alternatively, the designer could simply be warming everyone up ahead of the Fisker Alaska pickup truck's official unveiling - something that had been expected to occur around the end of this year.

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