Fisker's New EV Truck Looks Awesome

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This rendering needs to become reality.

Henrik Fisker teased a new mystery model earlier this month and made one thing clear about it: "It's going to be radical! Think PP!" At the time, we had no clue what "PP" meant and still don't. The image itself was only a headlight, so the rest of the vehicle was anyone's guess.

But now Fisker has released an entirely new image that may or may not be the same vehicle, but we like what we see regardless. Fisker posted an image on his LinkedIn account of the upcoming Alaska all-electric pickup truck. Only this time, he didn't delete the image shortly after posting. The new truck rendering definitely has a more conventional design than the Tesla Cybertruck but so does every other vehicle in comparison.

Rear Angle View Fisker

What we can gather from this single image is more of a lifestyle vehicle like the Rivian R1T. Fisker specifically notes the Alaska aims to be "the lightest, most efficient EV pick up in the world! Making it the most sustainable!" He also stressed the rendering is simply just that and the production-spec version "will be way more radical!"

Exactly a year ago, the 2022 Fisker Ocean was revealed as a direct Tesla Model Y rival and it will carry a starting price tag of $37,499, which drops to $29,999 once the $7,500 federal tax credit is factored in.

Steering Wheel Fisker
Dashboard Fisker
Seat Details Fisker
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Fisker says it'll debut the production-ready version this May at the LA Auto Show. Co-developed with Magna International, the Ocean SUV looks like it'll spawn a truck variant built on the same platform, though this information has not yet been officially confirmed. What's for certain is that Fisker is getting into the truck business; we just don't know when exactly.

Hopefully, a prototype will be shown soon to give us a better idea of what "radical" really means here. But one thing is for certain: Fisker will face some very impressive EV truck rivals and off-roading capabilities are a must.

Charge Port Fisker
Top View Fisker
Front Angle View Fisker

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