Fisker's World-First Digital Radar Has Got Your Back

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This system will feature on future Ocean models.

There is a bit of excitement in the air for the upcoming Fisker Ocean, even though it'll be entering into a rather competitive market of electrified SUVs. To add some appeal to this product, the niche tech-minded manufacturer has now detailed its Digital Radar system that it's calling a world-first.

Unveiled at this year's CES, the Digital Radar forms part of the Ocean's Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), which also integrates three other sensor systems. These include a surround-view camera suite, a camera-based driver-monitoring system, and ultrasonic technology. Company CEO Henrik Fisker says that these technologies can be introduced to its product thanks to the firm's asset-light and rapid-product-development business model.

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The Digital Code Modulation-based radar system incorporates five units that are positioned around the Ocean. These are used as a confirmation protocol to back up what the camera system is seeing. With this, it also provides added perception when the weather gets bad or excessive sun glare takes place. The company also insists that this technology is superior to analog radar systems as it can detect vehicles at 656 feet and pedestrians at 262 feet.

More impressively, the system also has the capability of differentiating between environments that possess a high light-dark contrast, such as tunnels and bridges, which many motorists use on a daily basis. It benefits from identifying objects of varying sizes as well, which means that it should never confuse a truck with a motorcycle. For added coverage, the system has also been developed to detect low-lying obstructions that could find their way into the road network.

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The state-of-the-art camera system consists of a front-facing eight-megapixel unit that it says delivers the highest resolution currently available in a vehicle (the influencers are sure going to love this one, then). This is backed up by a 360-degree camera system that further identifies base-level object detection.

With all features combined, Fisker says that the Ocean's Intelligent Pilot's perception can make improved decisions in a number of different environments such as highways, city traffic, and poor weather conditions. The Digital Radar unit will be standard on all trim levels but only the Extreme and Ocean One, with prices starting at $68,999, will get the full package.

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