Five Senna Items Up For Auction

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The legendary Brazilian F1 driver memorabilia will command high prices.

If you're a Senna fan you might be interested to join the queue at the forthcoming Silverstone Auction's Race Retro Classic Car Sale of racing cars and motorsport-related memorabilia. In light of this past year's celebrated documentary bearing his name, we expect his popularity will skyrocket even further. Taking place at Stoneleigh Park, near Coventry, UK on February 25, five Senna related items will be on sale. Lot No. 49 is a Marlboro British Grand Prix guide signed by Senna and Niki Lauda and valued at $950-$1,750.

Now, there are a three ways to look at that item: you buy it to get a Lauda signature on a photograph of the 1985 McLaren-Porsche that he drove in his final year on the circuit (as the reigning world champion), or you buy it because your collection still lacks a Senna signature. Then again perhaps you shouldn't buy it because the Senna-McLaren cooperation was still three years away when this was published. Senna was employed at Lotus-Renault at the time. Lot No. 50 is a helmet racing the vendor believes was used by Senna during the 1993 season in which he drove a McLaren-Ford and won one of his most memorable victories at the European Grand Prix at Donington Park.

Valued at $66,000-$78,000, you might find yourself with a historic item; however you probably won't be able to verify that it was the actual helmet worn. A cheaper item is a used Senna racing suit, valued at $34,500-$47,000. However, there is no mention of the time frame in which it was worn. Finally, lot No. 53 and 54 are framed photographs and a poster signed by Senna, the first from his time at Williams and the second from his more successful partnership with Lotus. The value for each one starts at $315.

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