Five Variations Coming for 2012 Honda Civic

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We're prepared to receive the new and improved lineup of the Honda Civic, and for the 2012 model year Honda is giving us five variations of the Civic model. First is the all-new HF model which is slated to be the most fuel efficient of the non-hybridzed Civics that will be available in the U.S. The HF packs a 1.8-liter i-VTEC engine and has earned an EPA-rating of 41 mpg on the highway.

The Civic Hybrid will also share the HF's aerodynamics package, and with the help of its lithium-ion battery, the Hybrid will earn 45 mpg. The Sedan and Coupe models will ultimately make the bulk of the sales. Both are equipped with a 1.8-liter i-VTEC 4-cylinder engine with 140-horsepower. Then there's the sporty Si model that's geared toward the performance oriented drivers out there. The Si model, which comes in sedan and coupe, sees a new 2.4-liter engine with 200-horsepower mated to a six-speed manual transmission.

As for styling, the 2012 Civic is not ugly. Its only problem is that it doesn't have anything special going for it, which could also be a positive for many drivers.

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