Flame Throwing Rat Rod Drifts From Hell

And it's still on fire.

Some find them ugly, while others call it character. Many see them as unsophisticated scrap metal, but others see the potential for restored and reimagined beauty. They’re only a few inches off the ground, have a tendency to be loud and obnoxious, and look like they’re about to eat a small animal. Welcome to the rat rod, that low cost, do-it-yourself hot rod that gives new life to pre-World War II coupes and roadsters. They’re anything but refined. Take this flame throwing 1929 Ford for example.

It’s packing a V8 in its exposed engine bay and sports a paint job that’s a cross between an old fighter plane and some Southern pride, thanks to the "Stars and Bars" flags out back. But the best part is it can drift like hell and has awesome flame-throwing abilities.

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