Flirting With Life And Death On The Track Is How Racing Games Are Made

It never hurts to go overboard when doing research.

There’s a huge market for the experience that fast, fun and expensive cars provide, but as we all know there’s only a small percentage of the population who can afford to get behind the wheels of these cars. Some buy their way into it by amassing fortunes and then dumping the budgets of small countries on supercars, but others work their way to the top with sheer driving skill. For the rest of us, there are video games like Gran Turismo. While it isn’t the same thing as piloting a supercar yourself, game designers still go to a lot of effort for your entertainment.

Gran Turismo’s inventor Kazunori Yamauchi actually participates in races (and puts together cool car shows) so that he can continuously refine the game. Watch how it’s all done here.

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