Flo Rida Wraps his Veyron in Chrome

Flo Rida goes from rap music to chrome wrap.

We've seen all manner of cars dipped or wrapped in chrome, but the Bugatti Veyron is surely the bling king of them all. We've seen 'em in red chrome and in blue - heck, even Bugatti itself dressed one up in dark chrome for its pavilion at the Volkswagen Group's Autostadt museum. Now hip-hop star Flo Rida has decked his out in the shiny stuff, too. The rapper born as Tramar Dillard bought his Veyron back in 2008, and was later caught driving it under the influence with a suspended license. Now he's undertaken another kind of wrap altogether.

Maybe he was in the same inebriated state of mind when he handed his keys to Metro Wrapz of Hollywood, Florida, to coat it in chrome. Check it out in the video clip and pair of images below.

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