Florida Couple Blows Up Kia Sorento With Propane Gas Grill

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Top tip: never leave the gas on when transporting a propane grill in your car.

It's the summer time, which means a lot of people will be transporting barbecues in their cars. Unfortunately for this Florida couple, their negligence had explosive consequences. After enjoying a barbecue at the Central Florida Fairgrounds, the couple loaded their propane grill into the back of their Kia Sorrento SUV and set off. But they neglected one rather crucial safety precaution: they forgot to turn off both the burners and the gas valve at the tank. Consequently, flammable propane gas started to fill the car's interior as the grill continued sizzling.

You would think by now they would have realized their mistake. But as the couple left the fairground, WESH reports that the woman ignited a cigarette in the car, which ignited the propane and sparked an explosion moments later. As photos taken from the incident show, the explosion ripped the Kia Sorento apart, causing the driver to crash into a pole. The force of the explosion was so strong that the right side of the SUV was blown clean off along with the windows and windshield, while the other side was severely damaged. According to Orlando police in a statement on Twitter, the couple received non-life-threatening burns and were taken to hospital.

Looking at the photos, it's lucky that they're even alive. We probably don't need to remind you that it's not wise to leave the grill on when transporting a barbecue in your car, but some people don't realize how explosive propane tanks can be.

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