Florida Developer Offering Free Tesla Model S With Purchase Of Your $2.3 Million Eco-Mansion


Also offered is a yoga studio and a towering sense of self importance.

Being green is extremely fashionable right now. Even though the trend is a few years old, it resonates well with the always fashionable new-agey bullshit crowd, hence its longevity. So a developer in South Beach, Florida who simply goes by "Steven G." is building a small group of eco-friendly McMansions to sell to the super fashionable, and thrown in is a free Tesla Model S. After all, what would the neighbors say if you were caught driving some unfashionable non-electric?

The house offers some unspecified amount of electricity from renewable sources, as well as a large number of luxury amenities, mostly focused on healthy living. As with any form of environmentalism that aims to be fashionable, perception is the most important part, with a website that brags that building materials are "95 percent to be reused". Not actually recycled, mind you, just recyclable. All of which obviously overlooks the fact that rehabbing old buildings and retrofitting them with eco-friendly fixtures is far better than building new houses. The houses haven't been built yet, so we can't show you pictures, unfortunately.


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