Florida Drivers Can't Stop Running Red Lights And Causing Crashes

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Drivers in the Sunshine State could not care less about red lights.

In the not-so-distant future cars will be able to actively help you avoid red lights. In the worst case scenario they will let you know how long until a red light turns green. All of this innovative technology will still be no match for Florida drivers. American Traffic Solutions (ATS) has released a supercut of the Sunshine State's worst red light runners from 2016. ATS was able to create the video because part of its business is in traffic cameras. That obviously includes red light cameras. We hate them too.

From this video it is clear to see that Floridians give no care at all about red lights. They have no fear of cross traffic and little regard for human life. To them the three lights on a stop light are all varying shades of green.

The good news is that most of these red light runners are usually on the worst end of the crashes they cause. Thankfully there are no scenes in this video of pedestrians being struck, although we don't doubt such incidents occurred. If you haven't yet pressed play you may be dreaming up excuses for this bad behavior. Let us assure you, there is no excuse for such terrible decision making. The thought process is less "I gotta beat that yellow!" and more "What's the worst that could happen?" Check out this video for yourself to see what we mean.

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