Florida Man's Corvette Loses Fight With Tow Ball In Nasty Crash

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Oh Florida man, you silly goose.

We love to report on the exotic and mysterious Florida man, and grasp at the opportunity to shed some light on this often misunderstood subspecies of American road user. In the past, we've seen Florida man drive through an airport baggage claim, and we've even caught him impersonating an officer of the law. Yes, Florida man is always getting up to no good, but this time his story takes a sad turn. A Florida man was involved in an accident this week when he was driving down Route 112. Florida man's Zeus Bronze Chevrolet Corvette C8 hit the tow hitch of a GMC Acadia, and the end result is tragic for the sports car.

Michael Clavell/Facebook Michael Clavell/Facebook

We hate the sight of a beautiful C8 Corvette getting destroyed, but as it turns out, this was a pretty interesting accident. From the images, it seems like the Corvette could be a write-off; there's heavy damage to the front end, and there could even be structural damage, which would mean the end of the road for this 'Vette. But what happened? According to the owner of the GMC Acadia, the owner of the Corvette ran into the back of his still-standing vehicle. Luckily for the driver of the Acadia, and unluckily for the Corvette owner, the GMC Acadia was fitted with a tow hitch, which protrudes from the rear bumper. The Chevy hit this hitch with force, nearly tearing the entire front end off of the rest of the car. The Acadia? Not a single scratch.

Michael Clavell/Facebook Michael Clavell/Facebook

The owner of the Acadia did not file a police report as there was no damage to his vehicle, but said that the Corvette owner "drove away pretty quickly without giving me any information." Michael Clavell, a member of the GMC Acadia Fans group on Facebook commented, "On today's episode of Driving in Miami, we're featuring an entitled driver during rush hour thinking they not only own a $90,000 Corvette but they also own the road, and vanity plates. I will never take my tow ball off, ever!" Let this be a lesson to you Florida man; a tow ball is tougher than a Corvette.

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