Floyd Mayweather Just Made A Couple Million Auctioning Off One Of His Ferrari Enzos

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And the rich get richer!

Floyd Mayweather is a man of many supercars. The boxing superstar can barely fit all of them in his garage, which is perhaps why he decided to sell one: a 2003 Ferrari Enzo. This particular Enzo was No. 295 out of 400 and had just 560 miles on the odometer, with 200 of those miles being put on by Money May himself. The Ferrari was part of RM Sotheby's recent "Driven By Disruption" auction. The horribly named sale also included an art Porsche once owned by famous rocker Janis Joplin.

RM Sotheby

So, how much did Mayweather's Enzo go for? The supercar was bought by a mystery person for a cool $3.3 million. It's not like the boxer needs the money, but getting over $3 million and clearing up some garage space sounds like a damn good deal to us.

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