Floyd Mayweather's Convoy Was Just Involved In A Wreck

Down goes Fraser!

Floyd Mayweather is a car collecting king and also a champion in the ring. And it would now appear as if both of these worlds are colliding as Mayweather is indirectly causing knockouts everywhere he goes. Literally. Just a few days ago, as Floyd and his posse were leaving a Kansas City dance club at around 3 in the morning, a motorcycle collided with one of the SUV’s in Mayweather’s convoy. Thankfully for Floyd and his crew, no one was hurt. The motorcyclist, however, was not so lucky and was rushed to the hospital to be treated for his injuries.

Video footage of the accident’s aftermath has surfaced that shows the boxer with his crew standing by as police and emergency medical technicians arrive on the scene. On a completely separate note, we’re happy to report that none of the Champ’s beautiful supercars were involved in the crash. Check it out.

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