Floyd Mayweather's Driver Shows Off $10 Million Worth Of Supercars In Under 2 Minutes


Mayweather could wake up in a new Bugatti almost every day of the week if he wanted to.

Floyd Mayweather's car collection is really going to piss you off. The undefeated boxer makes a ton of money for each fight, so it makes sense that he would go all-out when buying cars. But does anyone need three Bugatti Veyrons and a Ferrari Enzo in one garage? Mayweather does. "Bruce the Driver" takes you on a tour of the boxer's cars, showing off his expert parking skills (four cars in a three car garage) in the process.

In addition to the supercars Mayweather also has a driveway full of Rolls-Royces, including a Rolls limo. It's amazing what you can buy when you make $72 million a year.

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