Floyd Mayweather Spent $1 Million On Cars In One Week

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The boxing champion bought nine luxury cars worth $1 million in a week.

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul battled it out in the boxing ring last night in a hard-fought eight-round exhibition at Miami's Hard Rock stadium. Although no winner was announced as there was no official judging at the match, Mayweather is expected to earn up to $100 million for the fight.

As one of the wealthiest sportsmen in the world, Floyd Mayweather has his fair share of fans and haters. Throughout his successful career, the boxing champion has earned a staggering $1 billion, and a lot of that money is spent on his expanding his swanky car collection reportedly worth around $40 million.

Floyd Mayweather/Instagram
Front Angle View Rolls-Royce
Rear Angle View Rolls-Royce

On Instagram, Mayweather recently gave a tour of his multi-million-dollar collection of luxury cars and supercars comprising of multiple Rolls-Royces, Bentleys, Ferraris, and Lamborghinis. According to TMZ Sport, Mayweather recently went on a spending spree, buying as many as nine new cars in one week worth nearly $1 million.

Last week, Mayweather visited the Towbin Auto Group dealer in Vegas and ordered a white Rolls-Royce Ghost, one 2021 Mercedes S560, one 2021 Maybach sedan, one 2021 Dodge Journey, two 2021 Dodge Chargers, and three 2021 Dodge Challengers. With the exception of the Rolls-Royce Ghost, Mayweather bought these cars for his friends and family.

Top View Mercedes-Benz
Rear View Driving Mercedes-Benz

According to Chop, who owns the shop and also hosts the King of Cars series, Mayweather later added another Rolls-Royce Ghost to his order, bringing the total to nearly $1 million because you can never own too many Rolls-Royce cars when you have this much money to burn.

Mayweather owns over 100 cars, most of which are painted in either white or black and stored in his two mansions in LA and Las Vegas. He stores his black cars in LA and his white cars in Las Vegas. Other cars in his incredible collection include several Bugatti Veyrons including a Grand Sport Vitesse, two LaFerraris, and an Aston Martin One-77.

2015-2017 Dodge Challenger SXT / GT Side View Driving Dodge
2015-2017 Dodge Challenger SXT / GT Rear View Driving Dodge
Front View Driving Dodge
Rear View Driving Dodge
Source Credits: TMZ Sports

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