Flyin' Miata No Longer Offers V8 Swaps For The Mazda MX-5

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Due to emissions regulations, the company will not sell V8 kits or full builds any longer.

Bad news: Flyin' Miata, the one-stop tuning shop for pretty much all things Mazda MX-5 Miata, has announced that its world-famous V8 swaps are no longer available. The news came via the company's website, where a statement posted on Thursday explained the sad reasoning:

"While Flyin' Miata has an extensive history of building LSx-converted Miatas from 2008-2018 and churning out some of the most exciting Miatas to grace streets, autocrosses, tracks, and hill climbs all over the world, we have discontinued our V8 conversion service and are no longer offering turn-key builds or conversion parts for V8 builds. With emissions regulations becoming increasingly stringent and government entities seemingly eager to slap big fines on businesses that sell 'emissions defeat devices,' we have made the difficult decision to lay our V8 program to rest."

In the past, the company would sell kits or full builds with a disclaimer noting that they may not be legal in California, for example, but now, even that is not enough protection for the company.

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The company added that it is "now totally focused on designing and selling emissions-compliant upgrade parts," and this means that you can still buy turbocharger kits for NA, NB, or ND Miatas. The NC model, which featured a Ford engine, has no such kit, but you can buy handling kits and aesthetic upgrades for this relatively unloved variant.

The company, founded in 2001, added that, although it can no longer provide V8 kits, it doesn't want all its knowledge to go to waste and says it will be "happy to help" with queries whenever possible. The company's focus on the enthusiast also motivated it to provide some listings for Flyin' Miata swaps for sale in case a customer is desperate for a build completed using the brand's parts, and a link to a Facebook group concerned solely with V8 Miatas was also provided.

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Flyin' Miata's prototype V8 ND MX-5 was listed for sale earlier this month and fetched an astonishing $99,787 at auction, the highest sale price for any Miata ever sold on Bring a Trailer, which shows just how influential the company's work has been to the community. FM's love for the MX-5 extends so far that it even provides information on its site about a competitor, V8 Roadsters, which also offers monstrous swaps for the iconic Japanese sports car.

But how much longer will the public be able to choose options like these? Will government overreach mean that modifying cars will one day become outlawed altogether? As we head into a future where internal combustion is seen as the enemy, it's difficult not to be pessimistic about the aftermarket enthusiasts' ongoing freedom of expression through cars.

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