Flying Car Concepts


So where are those flying cars that we've been so promised?

The future of the automobile and the airplane may not be that different. People have been promised flying cars for many years now but so far our patience has gone unrewarded. There are a few flying cars commercially available, but they pale in comparison to all of these flying car concepts. And with the year 2015 not far off, it seems we're not much closer to the world of 'Back to the Future Part II'. But these concepts are all designed for a distant future where traffic jams are no match for airborne automobiles.

Moller International has decided to go for the jugular with its Autovolantor design. Their flying car is based off of Ferrari's supercars and would have a top speed of 100 mph on land and 150 mph in the air. Take that Lamborghini.

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DARPA's transformer TX program is a crazy project looking to create a Humvee that can fly. The design seen here is from AVX Aircraft. This flying Humvee would be able to carry troops and a 1,040-lb payload. The vehicle would have a max range of 250 miles and would surely inspire GM to resurrect the Hummer brand from the dead.

The Samson Switchblade is a flying three-wheeler designed for those who like adventure. The Switchblade is a red rocket with a cruising speed of 134 mph. Unlike other flying car concepts the Samson Switchblade comes with a parachute in gas you run out of gas midflight.

The YEE Flying car is easily the most futuristic concept on this list. The YEE has no wheels and two propellers. YEE was designed by a group of Chinese students who are probably sick of China's notoriously bad traffic jams.

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