Focus RS Driver Shows Us How Not To Use Drift Mode By Slamming Into Wall

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Drift mode in the wrong hands can be pretty damn dangerous.

The drift mode on the all-new Ford Focus RS has been widely praised for being awesome. With just the touch of a button even your mom can pretend she's Ken Block. However, some people have been saying that in the wrong hands the Focus RS and its drift mode are a danger to the public. We've already watched one driver lose it while trying to show off using drift mode. However, that guy didn't crash. The poor wannabe drift king in this video did. This crash was captured on two separate dash cams and occurred near New Paltz, New York.

The Focus RS comes around a hairpin turn and instead of executing a sweet drift the driver instead kisses a stone wall. Fortunately it appears as if the driver was unharmed in the crash; no one else on the road was involved in the accident.

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This crash was captured by dash cams belonging to members of a car club and the guy who wrecked the RS may or may not be a member of said club. We say that because it appears all the cars in the club are Focuses. Is there anything worse than wiping out in front of everyone at your car club and ruining the nice weekend drive in the process? While cars crash all the time and people drive recklessly in even the slowest vehicles the Focus RS will continue to be under the spotlight every time one wrecks thanks to drift mode. In the wrong hands and on public roads drift mode is certainly dangerous. It may only be a matter of time before Ford is forced to addressed these crashes.

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